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We Are Gaga 05.15.10

About two months ago my mind was blown when I went to see We Are Gaga perform. They are a Lady Gaga tribute band based in Philly and I really wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as they began playing I was convinced they were geniuses. These are some pictures from their show on May 15, 2010.

More can be found here !


Botanical Gardens Pt2

Soon after the orchid show we decided to go back to the botanical gardens for a bird watching tour. We didnt get to see too many birds and we ended up leaving the tour to do some exploring of our own. I took a few pictures and here they are:

The rest of the pics can be seen here as well as my attempts of catching some birds up close. In that set you will also see pics from the first trip. enjoy!


Botanical Gardens Bronx NY

This spring I was finally able to go to the Botanical Gardens for their yearly orchid show. We walked all around the conservatory (which is why you will also see cactus). It is a gorgeous place and I seriously recommend you spend a day there if you've never done so. I was pleased to go there twice this spring and this batch of pictures is from the first trip.


Fall Recap!

So this blog has been in a winter hibernation! Now that its spring I will be posting more frequently. Before i update with some newer stuff I'll be posting this quick little fall recap of just a few things i shot during that time.

In October we went to the Atlantic Antic street fair in Brooklyn. Not only is it a great street fair but its a wonderful opportunity to check out the old MTA busses displayed by the transit museum. Here are some shots from that day :

Pumpking carving was another fun fall highlight. I never carved a pumpkin before and I must say it was really fun. Here's some from that evening at Tiffany's


Miniature Rhino

Its been awhile since I've posted so I thought I'd get back into the spirit by featuring one of my favorite people Jessica Marquez. Not only is she a wonderful person and an amazing photographer, she is a full time crafty lady! The pieces in her Etsy shop are beautiful and her work is like none I've ever seen! I was excited to be invited into her awesome workspace and see some of her process. I even got to outline a few hearts! Enjoy the photos and visit her web store and her flickr to see the finished outcomes of her lovely work!


Outer Banks August '09

Here are some pictures from my lovely vacation in the Outer Banks, NC.

Mike busted out the old Canon AE-1. I'm curious to see what he came up with.

Bodie Island Lighthouse

We weren't allowed to go up because the lighthouse is in bad condition at the top. This was the best they could do for us. It worked out anyway, I dont think I could've done it with my foot still being injured!

Currituck Lighthouse

This was a crazy storm

Mike was a birthday boy while on vacation. Everyone loved the apple pie and peach cobbler!

The lovely Outer Banks at night!